Helpful Travel Links

Plan your trip with these links:

Travel Insurance:
Protect your travel investment with the best, Travelex. Travelex is IRT’s preferred travel insurance supplier. Legions of our guests agree. Foreign Currency: Buy currency ahead of time with Travelex’s new My Travel Wallet. What a great idea: Arriving with some local currency, and not standing in line once you get there! Currency rates: Up-to-the minute exchange rates for currencies worldwide.

Phone services:
The Wireless Traveler has great rates for our clients, and is a Virtuoso preferred supplier because of its great service for international calling, even in hard-to-reach places.
Click here for special offers on phone and WiFi rental, as well as international sim cards to be used in your current phone.

Clothing & Accessories:

TravelSmith has sturdy and attractive travel clothing and accessories. We’re still wearing items that we purchased over 20 years ago. Owen loves his blue blazer, cargo pants and trench coat. Eleanor never leaves home without her compression socks and khaki skirt with hidden pocket.


Luggage Delivery:

Enjoy complete travel convenience with Luggage Free shipping service. You pack, they take care of the rest!


Luggage Forward‘s door-to-door luggage shipping service is easy, safe and guaranteed to arrive on time, ensuring smooth sailing, from start to finish.

Visa Processing: 
CIBT is our preferred visa supplier because of their excellent service and great cooperation.


Rail Passes: 
Rail Europe is the leading provider of European railpasses and point-to-point tickets. Hazardous Materials: The U.S. Federal Aviation Administration and Department of Transportation have specific limitations on what they consider “Hazardous Materials.” Familiarize yourself with their requirements to avoid issues at the airport.
FAA: Pack Safe


U.S. State Department: Information about how to obtain a passport, get more visa pages inserted, obtain visa forms and requirements, travel warnings and more.

U.S. Customs: Find out how much you are allowed to bring home duty free – before you leave.

CDC Health information
Health information on specific destinations, including recommended vaccinations.CDC recommends that travelers with more complex itineraries or travelers with health problems see doctors who specialize in travel medicine. Find a clinic here.




University of Louisville Travel Clinic
: It’s our superb source of health information and treatment, prevention for our travels.