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    The Tour

    The Golden Eagle Trans-Siberian Express is THE big train ride—an epic 15-day journey spanning two continents and seven time zones. Travel across the world’s most famous railway on board the private Golden Eagle Trans-Siberian Express.

    You’ll spend most days touring cities along the route as well as enjoy three, relaxing all-day train rides. You’ll spend your nights on the train in private train compartments (except on the first and last nights of the tour, when you’ll be in top hotels). Highlights include viewing the early-morning mist rising over Lake Baikal, as you ride outside on the engine, followed by a picnic lunch on a secluded beach.

    There’s no better way to see the vastness of Siberia. One of IRT members’ favorite journeys, it’s a trip that will change your life.

    Five Imperial Suites will continue to be available on all Golden Eagle departures. These new compartments are the most spacious – 120 square feet – offered on the train and feature a fixed king-sized bed, a dedicated dressing table and lounge area, and more. For more details about the Imperial Suites, click here.

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    “It was a fine way to see Siberia, a vast land mass of unending field and forest, punctuated by surprisingly vibrant, colorful cities and warm, smiling people. We were like a cruise ship making stops at varied, otherwise inaccessible ports of call.”

    — Owen Hardy, Publisher, The International Railway Traveler®

    “I went on the Golden Eagle…and although I had already traveled to 132 countries, this was the most dramatic and most fantastic trip I have ever taken. It was so well organized and in every way fabulous. I want to continue receiving your notices and hope I can find a similar train trip soon.”

    — W. Friar, Trans-Siberian, 2008

    The Itinerary

    Please note: some departures operate in reverse, from Moscow-Vladivostok.

    Day 1: Vladivostok
    Passengers are met at Vladivostok airport and transferred to the Hotel Hyundai for a one-night stay. Meet your fellow travelers at a welcome reception dinner this evening.

    Day 2: Vladivostok
    Today’s city tour includes the major military attractions of this once “closed-to-foreigners” city, including a restored Soviet submarine, the city’s naval defenses, and one of the world’s largest suspension bridges. This afternoon we board our private Golden Eagle Trans-Siberian Express train amidst a backdrop of a champagne reception and military band performance; settle into your private compartment as the train departs. Enjoy dinner in one of the beautiful restaurant cars.

    Day 3: Khabarovsk
    We enjoy our first full day on the Golden Eagle. We stop in Khabarovsk for a short tour of this city of wide, tree-lined boulevards. Located at the confluence of the Assuri and Amur rivers, Khabarovsk is the most easterly point of our journey. Rejoining the train, we now head west—towards Moscow.

    Day 4: On board
    Our journey today follows the Shilka and Amur Rivers, close to the Chinese border. Relax on board as the Russian scenery unfolds before you. Perhaps you would like to attend an on-board lecture or Russian language lesson.

    Day 5: On board
    Today offers another opportunity to enjoy the train’s service and amenities. Practice your improving Russian or sit back and enjoy a drink (perhaps the local favorite, vodka) in the bar car, where a resident musician entertains.

    Day 6: Ulaan Baatar, Mongolia
    Our Trans-Siberian adventure takes us into Mongolia, home of Genghis Khan. We visit the capital city, Ulaan Baatar, once the center of an enormous empire. We begin at Gandan Monastery, one of the country’s most important Buddhist Monasteries, housing a community of over 500 monks. The full name, Gandantegchinlen, translates as “the great place of complete joy.”  See the monument to Genghis Khan at Chinggis Square before driving out of the city to Gorkhi-Terelj National Park. Here we’ll have the unique opportunity to experience a taste of the traditional Naadam Festival, with a spectacular display of horse-riding, wrestling and archery—the three games of the festival—performed by members of the local community. We will meet a nomadic family in a traditional Ger (tent) and learn more about their historic culture and customs.

    Alternatively, there is an option to stay in the city as part of our Freedom of Choice touring. Visit the National Museum to learn about the country’s intriguing history. And see Bogd Khan Winter Palace Museum, the winter residences of Bogd Khan, the last Mongolian emperor, built between 1893 and 1903.

    Enjoy a performance of traditional Mongolian throat singing and contortionists.

    Day 7: Ulan Ude
    Afternoon arrival in Ulan Ude, capital of the Buryat Republic, where you’ll notice a fascinating change of people and dress. We visit a community of Old Believers, Russian Orthodox church members whose forebears broke off from the main church following the 1443 split with Constantinople.

    We learn about the culture and history of these communities through a traditional meal and concert featuring local dancers and musicians.

    Day 8: Lake Baikal
    A fantastic day’s adventure as the Golden Eagle diverts from the main line, winding its way on a little-used, single-track line through tunnels and around cliffs along the shoreline of Lake Baikal, the world’s largest and deepest freshwater lake.

    We stop at one of the bays, descend from the train to the beach and enjoy a barbecue at the water’s edge (weather permitting), featuring freshly smoked fish. Some brave souls might take a swim! We then visit Listvyanka, a small Baikal village nestled at the base of the surrounding hills. Evening train departure.

    Day 9: Irkutsk
    Today we arrive in the “Paris of Siberia,” Irkutsk, so named because of the sophistication brought to the Siberian outpost by the exiled “Decembrists.” These were eight aristocratic families banished to Irkutsk in 1825 following an attempted revolt in St. Petersburg. Our full-day tour includes an exploration of the classic wooden architecture that is unique to the region. We also visit the Decembrist House museum, where a private concert will be performed for our group.

    Alternative touring options include a cooking demonstration or visit to a traditional Russian dacha (cottage). Return to the train for dinner.

    Day 10: On board
    Of Siberia, the Russian poet Chekov reportedly wrote: “only the migratory birds know where it ends.” Today, we find out why.

    After several exciting stops, we have a full day on the train to rest, reflect on the sights we’ve seen and simply gaze out the window. All meals are served in the train’s restaurant cars.

    Day 11: Novosibirsk
    Stop in this modern “Soviet” city and the Opera House, one of the world’s largest, completed in 1944 and whose stage reportedly was ordered by Stalin to withstand the weight of a squadron of tanks. Also visit Lenin Square and River Ob, which flows 3,500 miles from its source to the Arctic.

    Freedom of Choice touring options include the excellent railway museum or State Art Museum.

    Day 12: Yekaterinburg
    Tour Yekaterinburg, last city in Asia and capital of the Urals. More important for students of Russian history, Yekaterinburg is the execution site of Russia’s last Czar, Nicholas, as well as his wife, Alexandra, their children and servants.

    Khrushchev ordered the destruction of the building where the crime took place, but the Russian Orthodox memorial which replaced it several decades later is a moving tribute to the doomed Romanovs. We cross the Europe/Asia divide shortly after departure.

    Day 13: Kazan
    Mid-morning arrival in Kazan, beautiful capital of Tatarstan located on the Volga River. One highlight of our city tour is the Kremlin Fortress, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, where we’ll see the stunning mosque and magnificent onion-domed cathedral.

    Day 14: Moscow
    Mid-morning arrival in Moscow—the end of our 6,600 mile journey. Full day touring this vibrant city, including Red Square. Here we see an eclectic mix of fascinating architecture: from the ornate St. Basil’s Cathedral and grand Kremlin to the somber and evocative site of Lenin’s tomb.

    Alternative Moscow touring options will be available, such as the Tretyakov Gallery or the Space Museum. Transfer to our five-star Ritz-Carlton hotel for a one-night stay, and enjoy a farewell dinner.

    Day 15: Moscow
    Following breakfast, you may explore the city at your leisure. An early-morning Kremlin visit is scheduled this morning if your journey arrived in Moscow on a Thursday, when the Kremlin museums normally are closed. Transfers to Moscow airport included.

    Some departures operate in reverse, from Moscow-Vladivostok.

    2021 Dates:

    May 15-29
    June 12-26
    August 7-21
    September 4-18

    May 2-16
    May 30-June 13
    July 25-August 8
    August 22-September 5

    2022 Dates:

    Moscow-Vladivostok (Provisional)
    May 1-15
    July 24 - August 7
    August 21 - September 4

    Vladivostok-Moscow (Provisional)
    May 14-28
    June 12-26
    August 6-20
    September 3-17

    The Prices

    2021 May & June Departures Double
    Deposit amount
    Silver Class
    Gold Class
    Imperial Suite


    2021 July, August & September Departures Double
    Deposit amount
    Silver Class
    Gold Class
    Imperial Suite

    Please note: All pricing is per person. 

    2022 tour can currently be booked at 2021 rates – for a limited time only!


    Please note: All classic Golden Eagle Trans-Siberian Express journeys are guaranteed departures. Arrival and departure transfers included, even if you extend your stay. Are you a single? Ask to share, and be guaranteed the per person, double rate. Ask us for details.

    Extensions: We are delighted to make arrangements for your extension, and highly recommend adding on St. Petersburg, traveling by first-class train or river cruiser from Moscow, with special visits to Catherine’s Palace, the Hermitage, and more. Let us custom-design a package for you.

    Double-entry Russian visa required for this trip. Mongolian visa may be required, depending on traveler nationality.

    If your departure arrives Moscow on a Thursday, please schedule your air departure next day in the afternoon so you can participate in the early-morning Friday Kremlin visit.

    Latest News: Click here for Track 25, our blog, for the latest news on this and other tours on our World’s Top 25 Trains™.

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    The Highlights

    • Guided tours in Vladivostok, Khabarovsk, Ulaan Baatar, Ulan Ude, Lake Baikal, Irkutsk, Novosibirsk, Yekaterinburg, Kazan and Moscow
    • Afternoon barbecue on Lake Baikal shore, largest freshwater lake in the world (weather permitting)
    • Dinner, concert and dancing provided by the Old Believers, breakaway Eastern Orthodox sect living outside Ulan Ude
    • Irkutsk, elegant home of the upper-class “Decembrist” revolutionaries exiled by Tsar Nicholas I in 1825
    • Yekaterinburg, infamous execution site of Tsar Nicholas II, his wife Alexandra, their son, daughters and servants, by the Bolsheviks in 1918
    • Grand Moscow’s Red Square, the Kremlin and Kremlin museum, with its Imperial jewels and Fabergé eggs
    • All meals, fine wine with lunch and dinner, hotels, gratuities, off-train tours and arrival/departure transfers included
    IRT 25th Anniversary Trans-Siberian journey, June 2008, at Lake Baikal.
    IRT 25th Anniversary Trans-Siberian journey, June 2008, at Lake Baikal.
    Moscow's Red Square  (Photo by Owen Hardy)
    Moscow's Red Square (Photo by Owen Hardy)
    The Golden Eagle Trans-Siberian Express at Lake Baikal.  (Photo by Owen Hardy)
    The Golden Eagle Trans-Siberian Express at Lake Baikal. (Photo by Owen Hardy)
    Passengers converse in a Gold Class cabin aboard the Golden Eagle Trans-Siberian Express.  (Photo by Owen Hardy)
    Passengers converse in a Gold Class cabin aboard the Golden Eagle Trans-Siberian Express. (Photo by Owen Hardy)