Golden Eagle P36 steam engine
Golden Eagle White nights by steam Kizhi Island
Solovetsky Monastery in Russia.
Land of the Midnight Sun

White Nights by Steam aboard the Golden Eagle

15-day Escorted
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The Highlights

  • Three nights in Moscow, including a visit to the steam locomotive museum
  • Visit to Catherine’s Summer Palace in Pushkin, home to the Amber Room
  • Hovercraft transfer to Kizhi Island on Lake Onega
  • Visit the Nuclear Icebreaker Museum Ship in Murmansk, a place rich in WW2 history
  • Visit to iconic Red Square in Moscow
  • 11 nights aboard the luxurious Golden Eagle
  • All gratuities, meals, drinks, and sightseeing per itinerary.

The Tour

Join us on White Nights by Steam for an incredible rail journey during the celebratory White Nights season, as we cross deep into the Arctic Circle aboard the luxurious Golden Eagle. Incomparable cities, remote communities, serene forests and stories recounting a turbulent history await you on this adventure of a lifetime. What better way is there to experience the land of the midnight sun than by private train?

This is a spectacular, entirely steam-hauled voyage through a shimmering sea of winter white on the most iconic railway in the world.

Golden Eagle White Nights map updated Sept 2020

Countries Visited

  • Russia


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Day 1: Moscow

Flight arrivals into Moscow and transfer to the luxurious Hilton Moscow Leningradskaya Hotel (or similar) for two nights. This evening you are invited to a champagne drinks reception with the opportunity to meet your fellow travelers before our exclusive Welcome Dinner. Specially selected international wines are included with dinner, as with all meals during the tour.

At the start of your adventure why not extend your stay in Moscow with pre-tour nights to explore more of the city at your leisure and enjoy the lively atmosphere of the Christmas markets or go ice skating on one of the outdoor rinks in the central squares?

Day 2: Moscow

Today in Moscow, we make an extended visit to the Podmoskovnaya Train Station and Locomotive Depot.

Day 3: Roslavl

We transfer this morning to Moscow’s Kazanski station to join the Golden Eagle that will be our home for the next 12 days. There will be a welcome reception and introduction to the train staff in the Bar Lounge Car, followed by lunch, as we depart. There will not be many hours of darkness in the next two weeks as this is the time of year the Russians call ‘White Nights’.

This evening we make a short stop in the town of Roslavl.

Steam Locomotives: P36 class

Day 4: On Board

Relax on board as the steam engines haul us through the Russian countryside.

Steam Locomotives: L class and Er class

Day 5: Pskov & Novgorod

This morning we make a visit to Pskov with its ancient and well restored centre situated on the Latvian border and in whose station Tsar Nicholas II abdicated on 15th March 1915.

We return to the train for lunch and travel onto Novgorod for a short city tour, billed as the birthplace of Russia. Within Novgorod Kremlin’s red-brick fortress walls is the 5-domed, 11th-century St. Sophia Cathedral.

Steam Locomotives: Er class

Day 6: St. Petersburg

After breakfast we visit Catherine’s Summer Palace in Pushkin, including a visit to the Amber Room. Lunch follows at the Podvorye Restaurant (a typical Russian Log House). There is an afternoon tour of the city of St Petersburg incorporating a visit to the Imperial Waiting Room at Vitebski Station and an optional visit to the Railway Museum before we re-join the train for dinner.

Steam Locomotives: LV class, P36 class and Ov class

Day 7: Petrozavodsk for Kizhi Island

Petrozavodsk stretches along the western shore of Lake Onega – the second largest lake in Europe. It is one of the major cultural and industrial centers of the North-West of Russia and is the capital of the Republic of Karelia.

This afternoon, we enjoy a private folk performance before we take a city tour and a hovercraft transfer to visit Kizhi Island on Lake Onega to explore its open-air museum of wooden architecture. Marvel at wooden churches built without the use of a single nail which have survived the challenges of Russian winters and revolution.

Steam Locomotives: Ov class

Day 8: Murmansk

We will continue to Murmansk, a city halfway between Moscow and the North Pole, and 120 miles north of the Arctic Circle. As the main city of the Kola Peninsula, it started as a tiny settlement and Arctic trading post. In 1916, under pressure from the British to establish a support port, Murmansk was founded.

Thanks to the influence of the Gulf Stream, the port is ice-free year-round. Here we learn about the perilous missions of the many Arctic convoys, hunted continually by the German Navy, which sailed from the United Kingdom, Iceland and North America to Murmansk in World War Two to deliver essential supplies to the Soviet Union. As Murmansk is homeport of Russia’s nuclear-powered icebreaker, we make a scheduled visit to the Nuclear Icebreaker Museum Ship.

Steam Locomotives: Su class

Day 9: Nikel Murmansk

Early morning we will arrive at Nikel, on the border with Norway.  The station is close to the Nikel smelting plant which in part has caused the devastation to the surrounding countryside that will have been evident for the 20 miles before our arrival. An eerie place but has been one of the highlights of our previous tours.

Steam Locomotives: P36 class

Day 10: Kem for Solovetsy Island

After arriving early morning into Kem we transfer to a small boat bound for Solovetsky Monastery on Solovetsky Island in the White Sea.  The Island is also infamous for its ‘Special Purpose Camp’ set up by Stalin and is the location used as the basis for Solzhenitzyn’s Gulag Archipelago.

Steam Locomotives: P36 class

Day 11: Archangel

We spend the morning touring Archangel, a town located on the banks of the White Sea that was the chief seaport of medieval Russia. On our city tour we will have the opportunity to visit the British and American Arctic Convoy War Graves and the Wooden Architecture Museum.

Steam Locomotives: SO class

Day 12: On board

Today we relax on board as our train follows the Northern Dvina River to the city of Severodvinsk, hauled by two P36 locomotives. Enjoy the remote landscapes unfold from your window or you may like to attend one of our absorbing lectures in the Bar Lounge Car.

Steam Locomotives: P36 class

Day 13: Vologda & Yaroslavl

This morning we arrive in Vologda which is particularly known for its beautiful Kremlin, whose landmark buildings include the 16th-century St. Sophia Cathedral and its gilded bell tower.

We return to the train for lunch whilst our P36 steam locomotives haul us to the next location Yaroslavl for a short city tour. Yaroslavl is the largest and oldest (founded 1010) city on the Golden Ring, a fact underscored by its place of honor on the Russian 1000-rouble note (including the 15-domed church of John the Baptist on the back). Embraced by two rivers, the mighty Volga and the smaller Kotorosl, Yaroslavl’s centre is dotted with onion domes like no other place in Russia.

This evening we enjoy our farewell dinner on board.

Steam Locomotives: P36 class

Day 14: Moscow

This morning we return to Moscow where we will spend one night at the Four Seasons Moscow (or similar).

Today we visit Red Square, an iconic symbol of Russia’s former military and political might with its eclectic mix of fascinating architecture, such as the ornate St Basil’s Cathedral’s magnificent onion-domed spires, the beautiful façade of the world famous GUM Department store constructed in Tsarist times, and the sombre and evocative site of Lenin’s tomb.

We’ll also take a tour of the opulent and unique stations of the Moscow metro – showpieces of Socialist art furnished with statues, frescoes and mosaics, unsurpassed anywhere in the world.

Steam Locomotives: P36 class

Day 15: Moscow

Breakfast in the hotel brings the tour to a close. Airport transfers are provided for departing flights.

Dates & Prices

2022 Dates

June 15 - 29

  • All pricing is per person.
  • *Heritage Class Cabins have twin bunk beds, wardrobe and sink. Toilet and shower facilities are shared with other Heritage Class guests.


Russian visa required for this journey.