Tren Crucero

South America

The Tren Crucero began service in 2014 and was just reviewed by The Society of International Railway Travelers in April, 2017.  The daytime-only train consists of four carriages–two dining cars and two lounge cars, with a capacity for 54 passengers. It operates between Quito and Guayaquil on a 4 day/4 night journey, with touring along the way and overnights in local hotels. Perhaps the star of the show is the fabulous outdoor viewing platform — a great places to take in volcanoes, cloud forests, and Andean towns.

When Eleanor & Owen Hardy, co-owners of The Society of International Railway Travelers, reviewed this train in April, 2017, they were thrilled with what they found: great, warm and professional staff; interesting off-train outings, beautiful train equipment, lovely haciendas and hotels for overnight stays, wonderful food. And all with a refined sense of social responsibility to the communities through which the train travels.  If you have been waiting for the “Gold Star” from The Society of IRT for this program, here it is. This train was just awarded World’s Top 25 Trains status by The Society of International Railway Travelers in June 2, 2017.

This wonderful video, just posted, is a great look at the entire program.