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Doesn’t Everybody Love Train Travel Maps & Posters?

By Eleanor Flagler Hardy

Cover art used with permission by Viking Books.

Love railways? Love maps? And what about railway posters? If so, Railway Maps of the World, a new book due out this spring, will be a hit with you. Mark Ovenden is the author. The publisher is Viking, and it has 144 pages. I was lucky enough to get a collection of a few pages, and I am betting Society of IRT readers will love it. I will write a complete review once I read the whole book. In the short version that crossed my desk, favorites include the large Uganda Railway poster with a lion overlooking the construction of the railway skirting the Indian Ocean and the Chemin de Fer Nord Express.  Ovenden is the author of Metro Maps of the World, published 2003, and revised it as Transit Maps of the World in 2007.  “The importance of design in promoting rail transit is undergoing a renaissance; which is good for riders, great for operators and imperative for cutting pollution to protect our environment,” Ovenden says.

Do you have any favorite rail or transit posters and maps?