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Rocky Mountaineer Travel Tips

By Rachel M. Hardy


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  • The author, bundled in her winter coat, scarf and hat, at Lake Louise. IRT photo by Belinda
    The author, bundled in her winter coat, scarf and hat, at Lake Louise. IRT photo courtesy of Rachel Hardy.

    Canadian weather can be unpredictable and dramatically different from place to place – pack accordingly. Over the span of my week-long trip in early October, I wore shorts on a hot day in Calgary and an extreme cold-weather down parka on the train’s open-air platform. Some who hadn’t packed with an eye to cold weather actually tried to buy my coat from me as they couldn’t spend any time outside. (I declined all offers!)

  • Exclusive IRT offer: book your Rocky Mountaineer journey with The Society of International Railway Travelers and receive a free one-way limo transfer to/from Seattle or Vancouver airports. Some trips eligible for free two-way limo transfers. Up to $200 US dollar value.
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  • Strong U.S. Dollar, Euro: There’s never been a better time for both Americans and Europeans to travel to Canada. The strength of the U.S. dollar and the Euro versus the Canadian dollar make Canada an especially affordable destination.
  • Customize your tour: In addition to the more than 65 packaged itineraries the Rocky Mountaineer offers, there are virtually limitless options for travelers to tailor their vacation: extra hotel nights, hotel upgrades, and trip extensions are just a few of the possibilities.
  • Gold Leaf Service is the most popular level of service aboard the train, but Silver Leaf Service is also a good choice for those on a budget. The main differences between the levels of service: windows are slightly smaller in the single-level Silver Leaf car, meals are served at your seat, and hotel accommodations are booked in three-star hotels as opposed to the four-star historic hotels that are included with Gold Leaf Service.
  • You can also mix and match: you can choose to book Gold Leaf Service on the train and Silver Leaf Service hotels (or the reverse). Gold Leaf Deluxe Service offers all the benefits of Gold Leaf Service but also includes significant hotel upgrades.

For more information or to book, contact The Society of International Railway Travelers®. Email or call (800)  478-4881; (502) 897-1725.

The Society of International Railway Travelers®’ curated list of Rocky Mountaineer itineraries is here.