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Skip the Lottery: IRT Secures Cabins on Japan’s Seven Stars

By Owen C. Hardy

Deluxe Suite A view (1)
The Seven Stars’ Deluxe Suite A. Photo courtesy of JR Kyushu

Big news: now you can step to the front of the line to secure a spot on Japan’s Cruise Train Seven Stars in Kyushu.

Since it began service in 2013, the Seven Stars has been so wildly popular that it’s held lotteries to see who gets to ride.

But the Society of International Railway Travelers® recently secured a total of 10 cabins for departures this October and December.

Details remain to be finalized, but we’re opening the gates for people to get on our “first notification” list. To do so at no obligation to you, please email us or call: (502) 897-1725 or (800) 478-4881.

• • •

When I test-rode Japan’s Seven Stars last November, little did I know that my reviews would create such demand.

The result? We created a one-off journey using both the Seven Stars train — newly named as one of our World’s Top 25 Trains® — and the adorable Sweet Train — both of which I highly recommended. The tour sold out in six weeks. Details of the journey are here.

Oita 2 (1)
JR Kyushu’s beloved “Sweet Train” Photo courtesy JR Kyushu

As the first travel agency in the Western Hemisphere to charter the Seven Stars, we are honored to be chosen by our friends at JR Kyushu to book a limited amount of space.

Besides passage on the Seven Stars and Sweet Train, our package includes all transfers, hotels and sightseeing. You can take this as one couple — or take it as a group of friends.

We will have an English-speaking guide with you all days except when you are on the  Seven Stars and Sweet Train. On those days, the English-speaking staff on board the trains will take excellent care of you.

We are working out all details and pricing now. But please get back to us as soon as possible to get on our “first notice” list for these departures. We will send you the complete itinerary and pricing when they become available.

Dinner in the Seven Stars’ elegant diner. IRT Photo by Owen Hardy

Note that if you want the longer Japan journey that we offer on our sold-out trip, we can certainly organize that for you, too.

You won’t have to win the lottery to ride the Seven Stars. If you call us and book, you already have!

• • •

Again, to be put on our “first notification” list to receive details about our Seven Stars / Sweet Train itinerary, please email us or call: (502) 897-1725 or (800) 478-4881. There is no obligation to you.