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Update: Celebratory Breakfast in VSOE’s New Champagne Bar

By Owen C. Hardy

Screenshot 2015-04-06 13.57.37
Pascal Deyrolle, General Manager, VSOE

Planning a gala celebration on the Venice Simplon-Orient-Express (VSOE) with its new Champagne Breakfast?

Here’s additional info from last week’s report, provided by VSOE General Manager Pascal Deyrolle:

Reserve your spot with your cabin steward once on board. Those in cabin suites will get priority booking.

The only itinerary offering this at the moment is the southbound London-Paris-Venice journey. Dine more informally at the bar, with seating for 10. Or opt for a table.

VSOE Champagne Breakfast menu
VSOE Champagne Breakfast menu (click to enlarge)

The Champagne Breakfast is served in an intimate space in dining car Côte d’Azur, which the VSOE calls the “Champagne Bar.” There are 5 tables seating a maximum of four guests each.

“However, as most of these tables are used by couples celebrating, my expectation is to welcome 10 guests” at the 5 tables, Mr. Deyrolle says.

While the special breakfasts are served only on the southbound London-Paris-Venice route, the Champagne Bar is open on all routes except the annual Istanbul journeys.

The Champagne Bar serves only champagne; no other drinks. There are no changes in the VSOE’s glamorous bar car, which includes a baby grand piano.

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For the latest info on the VSOE, including 2016 dates and prices, please click here.