North America Luxury Train Tours

Journey through North America’s most beautiful mountains, lakes, and cities on a luxury train trip with the Society of International Railway Travelers’ (IRT). Travel around Canada as you explore the natural beauty of the country. Both Rocky Mountaineer and The Canadian are on our World’s Top 25 Trains list so you know these trips are one-of-a-kind. With trips ranging from one week to 16 days, IRT has a North American luxury train vacation that fits your schedules and needs.

Vacation through iconic Canadian cities including Toronto, Calgary, and Vancouver, as well as the Canadian Rockies and national parks. IRT’s North American itineraries allow you to experience the best of what the continent has to offer. Whether you’re exploring an amazing Canadian metropolis or taking pictures of one of the world’s most breathtaking lakes, this is an unforgettable vacation. IRT’s commitment to providing the best in luxury train adventures has earned us awards and recognition for years.

The Trains

All three trains available on our North American luxury train journeys are guest favorites.

Our longest journey, the Trans-Canada Rail Adventure, traverses the country and combines several days on The Canadian with a journey on Rocky Mountaineer.

The Canadian

The Canadian is an iconic North American luxury train that has earned its reputation by connecting Canada’s major cities and allowing you to appreciate the views along the way: glistening lakes, awe-inspiring mountains, and iconic national sites. The upper level of the train features domed windows, providing one of the best views of any train in the world. With Prestige Class, you stay in a private luxury cabin and receive other perks, in addition to the world-class service everyone experiences on The Canadian.

Rocky Mountaineer

Also known for its magnificent dome windows, Rocky Mountaineer is another incredibly popular train that tours exclusively in Western Canada. The Ultra-Luxe Canadian Rockies Adventure is a journey designed and exclusively offered by IRT. It includes all-private touring, private transfers, and upgraded hotel rooms throughout. Enjoy a complete dining experience and have the chance to see some truly unbelievable wildlife. With Goldleaf service, passengers travel in fully air-conditioned, luxury coaches and open-air observation decks that allow for picturesque views of your journey.

Royal Canadian Pacific

Last but not least is the Royal Canadian Pacific. The interior of this train needs to be seen in person to be believed. The Royal Canadian Pacific can accommodate only 30 guests, which offers a more exclusive and intimate setting for your luxury vacation. The glass dome car is perfect for enjoying the sunrise with a cup of coffee or sunset after a five-star dinner. The Royal Canadian Pacific, beloved by royalty and heads of state like Winston Churchill, is currently available for private charter only. Group journeys are expected to resume in 2022.

The Destinations

With trip options ranging from the 16-day Trans-Canada Rail Adventure to a shorter week-long excursion, IRT train journeys cover a large array of destinations.

Rocky Mountaineer: First Passage to the West Highlights

A more condensed trip like the Rocky Mountaineer: First Passage to the West Highlights features two major cities and a lot of nature that is only seen in this part of the country. As a taste of what’s in store for you on the 7-day journey, the first few days include a panoramic helicopter tour, sightseeing in Banff, exploring the natural wonders at Yoho National Park, and staying overnight at Lake Louise. All of that is just in the first three days!

The Trans-Canada Rail Adventure

The Trans-Canada Rail Adventure, which is offered both from east to west and west to east, highlights some of the best Canada has to offer. This trip includes all of the above sites, plus a private tour at Niagara Falls, private sightseeing at Jasper National Park, and a ride between the peaks of the Canadian Rockies. Along the way, you’ll stay in luxury hotels and receive luxury treatment every step of the way.