Exterior of the Al Andalus train
Server pouring wine on the Al Andalus train
Flamenco dancers on the Al Andalus train
Pancake dessert on the Al Andalus train
Bartender serving drinks on the Al Andalus train


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Southern Spain’s opulent, broad-gauge Al-Andalus returned to the rails in May, 2012, with its 1920s-era cars newly renovated. Al-Andalus includes bar, tea-room and two dining cars, as well as all en-suite cabins. The train combines stellar service, exquisite Art Deco styling and excellent cuisine for a once-in-a-life-time experience.

For IRT Society Vice President Angela Walker’s account of her spring, 2012 Al-Andalus adventure, please click here.


Al-Andalus has four railway gems: four lounge/dining cars built between 1928 and 1930. These common spaces are devoted to leisure and to the enjoyment of traveling. The two dining cars have tables set for two or four. All meals are included in the tour cost.  Breakfast is served on board daily; lunches and dinners are served either on board or in fabulous local restaurants. Service and meals are top-notch, featuring local wine and specialties.

Lounge Cars

The bar car has a dance floor, bar and comfy armchairs. The bar car features live entertainment some nights during the journey. The lounge car, in beautiful light greens and grays, has large couches, tables and chairs. Games and books are provided, and there is a computer with internet connectivity for guest use. WiFi is also available in the lounge cars.

IRT Insights

Do not miss the on-board entertainment, featuring Spanish musicians and colorful dancers.  Also be sure to indulge in the Jabugo ham at breakfast — and lovely Spanish wines with lunch and dinner.  Note that journeys on this train often have an international mix of passengers speaking different languages. Sometimes touring will be in multiple languages.

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