Flam Railway train going through Oslo
Exterior of Flam Railway train
Exterior of two Flam Railway trains
Flam Railway train stopping at a station

Flam Railway

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With the Flåm Railway, it’s what you see outside that counts. In about an hour, the line climbs some 2,833 feet from Flåm station, nestled in the innermost corner of the Aurlandfjord, to the mountain station at Myrdal on the Bergen Railway. On the 20 km (12.4 mile)-long ride, you’ll see rivers that cut through deep ravines, waterfalls cascading down the sides of steep, snowcapped mountains and farms clinging dizzily to sheer slopes.

The Flåm Railway is one of the world’s steepest standard-gauge railways, with a gradient of 5.5%. Its fleet of trains, in forest green livery, comprises five engines and 12 cars.


No dining service aboard this train.

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The Flåm Railway pairs beautifully with the Bergen Railway from Oslo to Bergen. Contact us for a customized tour of Norway & Sweden featuring both trains and exploring the fabulous fjords.

The gradient is 55/1000 on almost 80% of the line–– a gradient of one in eighteen. The twisting tunnels that spiral in and out of the mountain are manifestations of the most daring engineering in Norwegian railway history.

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