Kyushu Seven Stars train going over a bridge
Service staff holding food on the Kyushu Seven Stars train
Front of the Kyushu Seven Stars train
Bar area on the Kyushu Seven Stars train
Kyushu Seven Stars train on the coast
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Kyushu Seven Stars

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Since its inception in 2013, the Kyushu Seven Stars, Japan’s very first luxury train, has been selling space based on a lottery system to account for the overwhelming demand for this exclusive and utterly unique rail travel experience.

This “Cruise Train” is a beautifully designed fusion of Japanese and Western elements, painstakingly thought-out with an eye to detail. Intricate woodwork and sumptuous textiles abound in the lounge and dining cars as well as in the fourteen all en-suite cabins.

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On the Seven Stars, passengers can enjoy the beautiful Kyushu scenery as it flows by their windows. The stops on the Seven Stars are highlights of the best that Kyushu has to offer. The train does not just push through the journey.

Latest News: Read owner Owen Hardy’s blog about his Japanese adventure on the Kyushu Seven Stars. Spoiler alert: He loved it!


The Jupiter dining car offers passengers cuisine made from seasonal ingredients that will change throughout the year.


During the day, the lounge car is a wonderful place to rest. Here, one can enjoy live musical performances and other entertainment in the evening, with a drink from the Blue Moon bar. The spectacular views from here await all passengers, including those who want to relax on the comfortable sofas.

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Walk the entire train, and keep your eyes peeled for details. Admire the floor-to-ceiling woodwork in the lounge, the little brass frog “climbing” a corridor wall, the gigantic rear window. And “be Japanese” for a week. Try the food, admire in finely sculptured gardens, luxuriate in the hot springs.

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