Two Indian dancers with instruments on the Maharajas’ Express train
Table set for dinner on the Maharajas’ Express train
Plate of dinner on the Maharajas’ Express train
Four ladies dressed in saris on the Maharajas’ Express train
Service worker on the dining car on the Maharajas’ Express train
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Maharajas’ Express

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The Maharajas’ Express was custom-built to be the most luxurious train in India, offering state-of-the-art facilities and amenities.

All cabins have large windows, LCD televisions, wi-fi access, individual temperature control and a full en-suite bathroom. There is one Presidential Suite which comprises a full train car—the largest suite available on any train in the world.

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The Maharajas’ Express’ two dining cars are elegantly decorated and serve a choice of multi-course Indian and Continental cuisine. Two lounge cars provide cool drinks and comfortable seating. The train is 22 cars long, taking a maximum of 84 passengers. The inaugural journey was in March, 2010.

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The Rang Mahal (Color Palace) and Mayur Mahal (Peacock Palace) are the two lovely dining cars. Both seat 42 passengers and offer the same multi-course menu with the choice of either Indian or continental cuisine, as well as a vegetarian option. The Rang Mahal has an elegantly hand-painted ceiling, while the Mayur Mahal ceiling is composed of small mirrored tiles. All tableware is emblazoned with the elegant crowned “M.”


The Rajah Club is the train’s center, where guests are welcomed back from excursions with cool drinks. There are comfy chairs and tables, and the bartender is always on duty. (House wine, beer and spirits are included in the tour cost; top shelf liquors and full wine list are available at additional cost.) There is also a Safari Bar with lounge area; newspapers and games are available. There is also an on-board gift shop selling silk scarves, pillows, books, neckties and more.

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Another unique feature of the train is the water filtration system, which makes the water safe for drinking (or brushing one’s teeth).

Some tours in the Maharajas’ Express itineraries are listed as “optional” and will be at additional cost.

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